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Holiday Gift Guide for the Hip 1 year old

Holiday Gift Guide for the Hip 1 year old


My family likes to start their shopping early, I’m talking real early. It was barely October and they were already planning Christmas gifts. So naturally when they asked me what Atli needed I ended up down the wormhole that is Pinterest and made a list of my favourite items. I wanted to give them a wide variety of options (yes, a few of these we already own but I love them so much I had to include them in my round up).

I often get asked where we buy clothing and toys that aren’t tacky. I like tasteful prints / patterns and environmentally conscious toys that are simple and well designed (we have plastic toys that I hate) . So here you have it, my top 15 holiday gift guide for 12-18 month olds. Happy shopping & feel free to share with your family and friends so you get cool gifts too!

1. WOOD BULLDOZER. Is this not the cutest? I can already picture Atli walking around, denting up our furniture.

2. ADVENTURE RUG. I’ve been obsessed with this rug since before I had a baby.

3. TOUCH FEEL LEARN 1 2 3 & A B C BOOK. These look great on a book shelf. Atli loves the A B C the most!

4. BE BOLD, BRAVE & BRILLIANT PRINT. I feel like every child should be told this daily, what better way to encourage them than posting it on the wall of their room?

5. GO GENTLY ROMPER. I am a sucker for rompers and Go Gently is a new favourite brand of mine.

6. CANVAS TEEPEE PLAY TENT. I loved building forts out of sheets and pillows as a kid but this one is just adorable. It’s easily portable to put in any room or even outside in the summer.

7. PIKLER ARCH. I love toys that encourage children to explore their surroundings which is why I particularly like Montessori / Waldorf toys that are built out of natural materials. The pikler arch helps them meet their developmental needs: muscle development, coordination, balance, spatial awareness & empowerment.

8. SUSHI SET. We love sushi and this plush set is great (for chewing, throwing and eventually playing house)

9. WINKY PILLOW. I want this for my own room, but probably cuter in Atli’s room especially if he learns to wink!

10. WOOD PUZZLE. This is a hit and I get asked where we bought it daily.

11. WOOD BLOCK SET. Classic, simple, durable. You can’t go wrong with wood toys.

12. TIGRE ART PRINT. Quirky and funny. Art work is great for little ones to see, especially if it’s as cute as this.

13. RAINBOW STACKER. Another wooden Montessori toy with great colours!

14. THE BOOK WITH NO PICTURES. When I found out Ryan from The Office wrote a book, I had to get it. It’s funny, adorable and Atli has no clue what I’m saying yet but I think it’ll be a favourite in a few years.

15. PAINT STROKE SWEATER. Dope sweater that we wish came in adults. I dress my kid up better than myself

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