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Shopping for Stylish Baby Boy Clothes

Shopping for Stylish Baby Boy Clothes


We get asked a lot about where we shop for Atli’s clothes. Like many of you, I struggled with the idea of overly gender specific clothes that are, let me just say it, tacky. I am not opposed to graphics, but I don’t really want to dress my kid in shirts that say “I like trucks” or “Tough like Daddy”. It’s just not our style. Both Matt and I dress pretty minimalist, without many logos or graphics and we want to dress Atli the same.

The first few months he was mostly in footed onesies, pajamas and swaddles. It was -30 C and absolutely freezing so I just bundled him up in blankets and hibernated on the couch watching cheesy movies or had him in one of three (yes I own three, because they are that awesome) Solly Baby Wraps. When he stopped having multiple blow outs a day and we weren’t scrubbing poo stains off of his onesies we started to look for cuter clothes for him to wear. Matt wanted him to wear stuff that he would wear; basically a cuter, miniature version of his daddy. I was down with that, I love how Matt dresses. It’s stylish, minimal and not flashy. I like gender neutral colours, but I also didn’t want people having to guess if he is a boy or a girl. So when it really comes down to it, Atli’s style is minimalist, hip with a touch of pattern. Dressing boys in cute stuff is hard because there really isn’t as much out there as there is for girls.

I’ve put together some of my favourite Atli outfits and linked to everything. Some of it may be sold out or last season since I learned very early on that if you love something, buy it in multiple sizes for when they are older. I tend to shop for 3-6 months or 6-12 months and then 2-3T. He is pretty small (although my filipino family think he’s big for 8 months but that’s just because they are all like 4 feet tall) so he fits into some 3-6 months clothes still and some 6-12 months. He’ll probably be into 6-12 months clothing for all of this winter so he gets good use out of his clothing. I just roll up the legs and sleeves if they are too big on him.

Hat from KINSHIP CAP / Sweater from H&M / Shirt from ZARA / Pants from H&M / Shoes from OLD NAVY


Shirt from RYLEE AND CRU / Hat from KINSHIP CAP / Pants from H&M / Moccasins from ETSY


Hat from PULP CO. / Shirt from H&M / Pants from ZARA / Shoes from H&M


Hat from ZARA / Sweater from WHEN WE WEAR YOUNG / Pants from ZARA / Moccasins from ETSY


Sweater from ZARA / Pants from H&M / Hat from KINSHIP CAP / Shoes from H&M


Hat from KINSHIP CAP / Romper from ETSY / Shoes are from OLD NAVY


Shirt from H&M / Shorts from LITTLE URBAN APPAREL / Moccasins from ETSY


Shirt from ZARA / Hat from PULP CO. / Pants from H&M / Shoes from OLD NAVY


Romper from LITTLE URBAN APPAREL / Hat from KINSHIP CAP / Shoes from OLD NAVY


Sweater from ZARA / Pants from ZARA / Shoes are last season from GAP (similar ones at H&M)


Hat from ZARA / Shirt from Polarn O Pyret (similar one at H&M) / Pants from ZARA / Shoes from GAP (similar ones at H&M)

Favourite shops


I think 80% of Atli’s closet is Zara. I find their stuff affordable and a good mix of hip minimalist meets pattern. Everything is so cute and I am always online checking out their new arrivals. If something is sold out in the size I want, I always put my name on the email list to get notified when it’s restocked


Another affordable favourite. They have a lot of minimalist items and really cheap basics like onesies, tees and socks. I check online and in-store a lot and have a lot of pants & sweater from there. Also, this cute t-shirt which I love. Most of Atli’s summer shorts were from H&M and recently I’m finding they have a lot more shoes options that aren’t hideous.


I find half of their clothing preppy and sometimes tacky with the prints and graphics, but a lot of their stuff is graphic and logo free. I love their socks, shoes and onesies. I’ve also found some really awesome linen shorts and white dress shirts there in the baby sale section.


The best spot to find minimalist basics in neutral colours. I have so many t-shirts, sweaters, pants and onesies for Atli from this shop. Also, they carry some awesome brands like L’ovedbaby and Mini Basic.


My go to shop for tasteful patterns. I follow one of their lead designers on Instagram and she dresses her boy up in the coolest clothes.


One of the first “big boy” hats I got for Atli was from this shop. I love their patterns, colours. I wish they made t-shirts because I’d buy every design.


Another awesome kids hat shop. I find that these are a bit smaller on the head so Atli tends to not notice it as much. He still pulls it off sometimes, but I think it’s because he has so much hair and his head gets hot with the wool hat we have from there.

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