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Party Animal Themed First Birthday

Party Animal Themed First Birthday

I can’t believe it’s already been a month since we celebrated little Atli’s first birthday. I honestly didn’t want to do anything big, but our house was a little too small to host our families and then we added in all our friends and it sort of got out of control. We ended up renting a beautifully lit room with a wall of windows in a modern new library. In total we had over 60 people come! 60 people! I hope Atli doesn’t expect that kind of turn out at all of his future birthday parties. We are so lucky to have so many people close to us. Atli is so lucky!

When we decided to rent the space, I started to stress. How do I make that big of a space look nice without spending a lot of money? I really didn’t want to do anything too excessive so we decided to only decorate the dessert table. We also brought his teepee from home and a basket full of toys as well as a short table we covered in kraft paper for the kids and supplied crayons, it was a hit!



I bought a bunch of fabric from Fabric Land and cut semicircles. My sister sewed them all together and made the garland / bunting. I love how it turned out. It was originally supposed to be for his bedroom but when I saw it finished I decided to go with those colours for his birthday and incorporate the garland. We hung it up along with this super cool tapestry I had already.

Mason Jars

I ended up cutting paper and gluing it to the lid of mason jars because I couldn’t get over the writing on the top. Then I hot glue gunned animals on top and filled the mason jars with animal crackers.

Party Hats

These guys were super fun to make. I found a template online and printed it out then cut out a bunch of pieces from paper I got at the craft store. I super glued them together while Atli napped over the course of two days. I also made some larger party hats for the kids to wear!


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